FeVR's VRN platform is a state-of-the-art encoding and delivery system for VR media.


3D interaction based VR systems offer a better user experience but comes with higher requirements on hardware performance.


We are working with user's viewports to prioritize data transmission, offering the highest-quality VR into custom applications.

Better User Experiences

Based on virtual rendering networks and computer vision research, FeVR’s solution offers using 3rd party services. Allows simultaneous experiences such as watching games, using social media, checking previous game information, shopping, chatting.


All Platform Device Support

FeVR's VRN provides service that allows normal devices like android devices, apple devices, headsets and web pages to use VR applications.

Cloud Computing in VR

Constant hardware upgrades no longer required due to innovations in graphic cloud computing

GPU processing technology and cloud computing at appropriate maturity

Cloud computing will be critical for VR development.


Next Generation Interaction

With Stereoscopic interaction, complex motion recognition algorithms coupled with wearable devices are required for interactions within virtual space.

With growth of the VR/AR industry, costumers will become accustomed to stereo effects. Daily interactions with electronic devices will no longer require screen interactions.

Physical keyboards will eventually be replaced on mainstream devices.